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How To Care For Mohair

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how to care for mohairMohair is a luxurious, light fabric that can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also very expensive because the process of raising Angora goats is intensive and specialized and then shearing and preparing the wool to be made into fabric is long and complicated. Anything made from costly angora should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Although mohair looks light and very delicate, it is also remarkably durable.  Unlike wool it doesn’t get tight and matted with age it will stay looking lustrous and beautiful if you take the time to care for mohair correctly. If you own luxurious fluffy mohair sweaters that you love (and paid a lot of money for) you’ll want to keep them looking like new, which isn’t difficult.

If your mohair jacket has a long nap, you can keep the pile looking good by simply brushing the jacket or coat with a soft brush, coaxing the nap back to the way it should lie.

Mohair, like wool has the ability to absorb dye very easily so remember this if you spill wine, fruit juice or coffee on your mohair clothing.  It should be spot treated immediately with a mild detergent such as Woolite™ or a dry, spray foam cleanser then rinsed in tepid water as soon as possible.  Wine stains should be diluted by dabbing with alcohol and then by washing in a mild detergent. If light rubbing is required to remove the stain, the nap can be restored either by steaming or brushing. Just don’t hold the source of the steam less than 6” away from the fabric.

Mohair doesn’t need to be washed frequently because it has the ability to shrug off dirt, that’s why it is often used in carpeting. Vacuuming isn’t good for rugs made from natural animal fibers such as mohair and wool, as the machine will pull the fibers and then remove any that become loose.  A soft brush can be used on rugs and clothing, especially mohair coats and jackets to keep them free from surface dirt.

The best way to care for your fluffy mohair sweaters is to wash them in tepid water with a mild soap then squeeze them dry – never wring the water out. They should be left to dry flat and can be fluffed up by placing them in a cool dryer if it has an air fluff setting. Hanging any kind of sweater is not a good idea, instead place them in a drawer but never wrapped in plastic.

Pamper your mohair products and they will give you many years of pleasure. Mohair jackets and coats should never be entrusted to a cheap dry cleaner. If they do get dirty, you paid a lot for your coat so getting it cleaned by a specialist will also be expensive.

If you’ve just treated yourself to a light colored mohair sweater be very careful if you use a shoulder bag as the dye from the leather may get onto your sweater, and also avoid spraying perfume on it as it will be nearly impossible to get rid of the smell and it may leave stains

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